Why Choose Auction to Sell Your Home

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Why Choose Auction?

Sell Your Property with 0% Commission

We offer a number of flexible ways to sell a property by auction so whatever your situation, we have a solution and timescale to suit you.
Online auctions

Our online auctions give you total flexibility over the sale of your property, enabling you to set a timescale to suit your circumstances. At the end of the auction your buyer will be committed to their purchase by either paying a reservation fee or 10% deposit depending on the type of sale you choose.

Live in-room auctions

Through our partnership, we hold over 40 auctions across the country each year. If you would prefer to sell your property in one of our busy auction rooms, we will always have an auction not too far away.


Also known as the traditional auction method, where the purchaser will exchange contracts at the end of the online auction/on the fall of the gavel and pay a non-refundable deposit and reservation fee. Completion is usually set within 28 days giving you and your purchaser certainty of sale.


Conditional auctions are considered to be a more flexible auction method. The purchaser pays a reservation fee to secure the property and is granted 28 days to exchange contracts and a further 28 or 56 days to complete. By offering a longer time period, this can extend the appeal by giving purchasers the flexibility to arrange a mortgage and can often achieve a higher price than the traditional auction method.


Purchasers are used to paying fees when buying a property at auction. By selecting to sell with no fees, we can charge the buyer a reservation, meaning you keep all of your sale proceeds.

Our aim is to bring the benefits of auction to the everyday property market

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No Selling Fee

Selecting a sale by auction, you have the option to sell for 0%* sales fee, meaning you keep all of your sales proceeds.

Fixed Completion Date

You can choose the auction method which best suits your circumstances and timescale. An online auction can start on any day and run for as long as you require, with the added benefit of fixed exchange and completion dates from the outset.

Competetive Bidding

By pricing your property correctly, we aim to generate the maximum interest in your property. This will create a competitive bidding environment, to achieve the best price possible at the end of the auction.

Extensive Marketing

We will market your property in all the usual ways i.e. you will still get a 'for sale' board, listing on Rightmove, our own website and we'll promote your property to our list of active buyers.

Your property will also be promoted via our partners, who will advertise your property on its auction website and to an extensive database of investors, property dealers and buyers, giving you even greater marketing exposure

No Sale No Fee Legal Pack

You can also select our brand new NO SALE NO FEE option, meaning you don't need to pay anything upfront and you only pay for the legal pack once your property is sold.

Security of Sale

Depending on the type of auction, your purchaser will either pay a non-refundable reservation fee to secure the sale or a 10% deposit and immediately exchange contracts - either way you know your buyer is committed.

Reserve Price

You set the reserve price, so you have total control over the sale and your property will never sell for less than your minimum price.

All Property Types

Auctions are not just for run down properties or those desperate to sell, all types of properties can be suitable including vacant residential or commercial properties, tenanted or investment propertiees and land/development opportunities.

The KW Listings Team

All types of property can sell well at auction

Auction properties can look like this

And also like this!

Would you like a fixed timescale for completion, the maximum price in today's market, all with the security of a non-refundable payment from your buyer - with no estate agency fees to pay?

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